Our Vision

A society where:

  • All adults are aware, responsible and educated on how to prevent child sexual abuse.
  • No effects of child sexual abuse exist.
  • A child is never at risk of being sexually abused by someone who claims to care for him or her.


    For twenty years, we have left it in the hands of children...but we're the grown-ups.
    - Sharon Doty, esq.

Empowering Adults - Protecting Children, Inc. is a non-profit organization committed to eliminating Child Sexual Abuse through adult-centered education and promoting public awareness of prevention as a proactive approach to dealing with Child Sexual Abuse.  We focus on educating adults about potentially risky behaviors used by molesters as part of the grooming process.  We also teach adults how to safely intervene so that our children never have to know the experience of being sexually molested.  Our vision is to create a society that is free from the harmful effects of Child Sexual Abuse.

Prevention is the key to stopping child sexual abuse.  There is no other cure.

Join the effort to help change the future for the children in our communities.

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